Stacks Changelog

All Stacks versions and what we have changed for each version.

Released: 8 April, 2024 # Version 2.5.7


- Fixed Discord community links

- Smaller fixes and improvements in preparation for the next major update

Released: 13 March, 2024 # Version 2.5.6


Various UI improvements and overall fixes


Fixed app crashing when the search is not giving back and results and the Up or Down keys where pressed

Fixed app crashing when you would search for a tag or status and the Up or Down keys where pressed

Released: 29 February, 2024 # Version 2.5.5


All-around smaller fixes and improvements


Fixed duplicating a project with multiple tasks and subtasks

Released: 12 February, 2024 # Version 2.5.4


Hidden subtasks from the Inbox page


Improved language picker popup


Fixed adding subtasks on a main task in the Inbox

Fixed recursively assigning a project to each subtask of a main task in the Inbox

Fixed People timesheet layout issues

Fixed navigation between parent and subtasks in the Inbox

Fixed removing subtasks from the board when completing them in the parent task details

Fixed missing Project settings Links view translation

Released: 6 February, 2024 # Version 2.5.3


Added option to reorder tags and statuses

Added missing translations


Replaced all Slack channel references with the new Discord server's link


Various under-the-hood fixes and improvements

Improved notepad selected link recognition


Fixed various filtering issues

Fixed Gantt view selection issues

Released: 29 November, 2023 # Version 2.5.2


Added Notepad indent and outdent buttons

Added Notepad text color button

Added Timebox copy todo menu button which will allow the user to copy any todo to any date


Improved Notepad text and highlight color picker

Improved Task details date chips to show the complete date and time

Improved hotkeys list by adding missing Notepad hotkeys


Fixed Timebox current time progress

Fixed Calendar event popup in the Daily view

Other smaller fixes and improvements

Released: 16 November, 2023 # Version 2.5.1


Added new Calendar preferences option to toggle the visibility of all events in a monthly cell

Added new Project setting to set the default tasks state filtering (incomplete, to do or all)


Inverted project filter and clear filter button order in the Project toolbar


Improved Project List view blank slates views


Other smaller fixes

Released: 14 November, 2023 # Version 2.5.0


Added new Sidebar section called Timebox. Read more about it here (remote workspace version coming soon)

Added new Preference option to save the Home todos and notes to your local workspace


Task tint will reflect in the Calendar event bubble


Inbox tasks will also be shown in the Calendar

Improved Table view date columns which now will show the whole date


Fixed Inbox not removing tasks that are assigned to a project via task details

Fixed sidebar toggle button not being clickable when closed

Fixed List view date chip not showing tooltip

Fixed sounds not working when marking a task/todo as completed

Fixed Backlog counter when removing task

Other under-the-hood bug fixes and improvements

Released: 6 October, 2023 # Version 2.4.6


Fixed table footer colors in dark mode

Fixed Table view progress bar in dark mode

Fixed stacks picker causing an infinite loop while using the Table view

Fixed Recents section in the Sidebar showing markdown code

Released: 5 October, 2023 # Version 2.4.5


Other smaller fixes and improvements


Fixed toolbar buttons not clicking properly

Fixed concurrent moving of tasks while using a remote workspace

Fixed Overview view not loading properly while using a remote workspace

Fixed Gantt view not loading properly while using a remote workspace

Released: 4 October, 2023 # Version 2.4.4


Added an automation action to set a task's progress


Fixed stack header task counter not working when using remote workspaces

Fixed various translations

Fixed real-time updates triggering unnecessary updates when using remote workspaces

Fixed changelog dialog showing empty sections

Released: 2 October, 2023 # Version 2.4.3


Added option to insert an image into task details description and comments


Improved overall app speed and memory consumption


Fixed project filter sometimes returning extra subtasks

Fixed automations overdue calculation

Fixed notepad image serve upload

Released: 25 September, 2023 # Version 2.4.2


Added sidebar button to quickly check the current changelog

Added a counter in the task context menu when quickly moving tasks to another column (only when multiple tasks are selected)


Improved task row component - now showing subtasks and parent button


Fixed calendar events resize and drag-and-drop sometimes not working

Fixed calendar sidebar UI for long project names

Released: 22 September, 2023 # Version 2.4.1


Added loading UI for the Inbox


Removed Copy/Move from the task context menu for Inbox tasks


Improved Search UI - it will now always show the fine tuning drop-down menu

Improved assigning an inbox task to a project - it will also assign it to the first stack (or to the backlog if no stacks are available)


Fixed person title drop-down menu not changing

Fixed long project title covering the menu

Fixed several translations showing variable name

Other small fixes and improvements

Released: 21 September, 2023 # Version 2.4.0


Added Custom fields for tasks

Added new Inbox section in the Sidebar - home for all your tasks without a project

Added new filter option in the project filters - this will allow omitting the current user when filtering for Tasks assigned to: Anyone

Added new filter option in the project filters - this will allow skipping all unassigned tasks when filtering for Tasks assigned to: Anyone

Added new task context option to quickly move one or more tasks to another stack

Added reports export to PDF - this will generate a multi-page document for all the projects

Added option to import people from a CSV file

Added automations for do dates

Added server cron and notification hooks


Changed project filter for task state from drop-down to buttons for a quicker interaction

Changed Idle label in Project Overview and Reports

Changed how toggling task card fields are applied - now it will toggle the fields visibility when the popover menu closes

Disabled creating automations actions that potentially could cause a loop (e.g. start date triggers a new start date change)


Improved overall UI library

Improved blank slates UI design

Improved UI of active project filters

Improved sidebar records drag and drop

Improved table view loading speeds - by default will render only visible rows

Improved server installation docs


Fixed saved project filter with Tasks assigned to: Just me option is enabled - this would not work when the current user is changed

Fixed My tasks not showing assigned subtasks

Fixed Project overview export to PDF percentage values

Fixed saving a timelog and immediately adding a new one would sometimes disabled the save button

Fixed moving events in the calendar - when dragging an event it would not correctly update visually the labels

Fixed server side user deletion

Released: 14 August, 2023 # Version 2.3.4


Added advanced color picker for tags and statuses - now supports HEX colors


Improved translations


Fixed copying tasks and stacks

Other smaller fixes and improvements

Released: 9 August, 2023 # Version 2.3.2


Added comments in task export


Improved Russian translations


Fixed project duplication crashing

Fixed task card cover image top spacing issue

Fixed reports showing archived projects

Other small fixes and improvements

Released: 2 August, 2023 # Version 2.3.1


Fixed bookmarking a task

Fixed moving certain tasks in the calendar would not update the date correctly

Various other fixes and improvements

Released: 1 August, 2023 # Version 2.3.0


Added sidebar menu documents tint

Added context menu to sidebar document to quickly: add tint, rename and delete a record

Added tint to toolbar titles

Added Calendar events popup

Added Calendar filtering - the new sidebar will allow selecting which project tasks to load

Added Calendar tasks use the new documents tint color

Added hotkeys to switch to any of the sections under General in the sidebar (check the hotkeys dialog for the new keys)

Added List view group by people

Added new grouping in List view group by due date: due tomorrow, due this week, due next week

Added new option in the Preferences General section to force the first day of the week to start on Monday

Added hotkeys to move Back and Forward between seen screens

Added Traditional Chinese translations

Added zoom indicator in the sidebar

Added archived menu item in the sidebar records - this will hide everything archived

Added project Links view link updated date

Added hotkeys to go back and forward with `Ctrl+[` & `Ctrl+]` (while in macOS is `Cmd+[]`)

Added My tasks sorting options


Removed Agenda view from the Calendar


Double clicking the sidebar document will immediately jump into rename mode

Improved Calendar UI design

Improved Links view in Project - added link to parent task

Improved automatic scrolling of the Board view when navigating through the tasks

Improved automatic stack reordering

Improved tags/statuses contrast text color detection

Improved search cache generation

Calendar counter - now updates when any tasks change date

Huge performance improvements when rendering the Board view


Fixed table view description column on Archived tasks

Fixed updating the search database after a task is deleted

Fixed Archives view description being to long and occupying multiple lines

Fixed dropping a task into the Calendar

Fixed Home sometimes crash

Fixed project Links not updating when changed in Task details

Various minor fixes and improvements

Released: 5 July, 2023 # Version 2.2.11


Added task completed date to table view and task details

Added `Clear filters` button

Added button to change tint from task details - needs to be enabled from preferences

Added new preference option to rename to task to `.deleted` instead of deleting it


Completed task won't allow edit

Moved project filter button to the lower side of the project toolbar


Improved task card, row and details when the task is completed


Fixed backlog button not showing when toggled on

Fixed listing overdue tasks in list view when a task is past due for less then a day

Various other fixes and improvements

Released: 30 June, 2023 # Version 2.2.10


Added hex value input in tint picker component


Improved task link by adding an option to update link title and URL


Fixed list view due date task ordering

Released: 29 June, 2023 # Version 2.2.9


Added predefined colors to tint picker

Added icons to task card drop-down fields picker

Added task card tint color


Change and moved backlog button higher row


Fixed tasks table view description column not showing content

Other smaller fixes and improvements

Released: 28 June, 2023 # Version 2.2.8


Added option to copy an automation from another project

Added preferences to group people by company

Added new view in project to list all links


Changed people, company and project table view to persist when toggling columns, sorting or sizes


Bookmark improvements


Fixed company column in reports

Fixed inserting new event in calendar - sometimes showing invalid date

Released: 15 June, 2023 # Version 2.2.7


Added task details navigation buttons in the header - this will allow users to easily switch to either the next or previous task in the same column


Enabled text highlight/selection and copy in certain parts of the app


Improved person timesheet styling

Improved task details cover image button

Improved person copy info


Fixed log time modal sometimes throwing an error when adding a new time entry

Fixed keyboard navigation in the board view

Fixed moving a task in the calendar - after a refresh it would change the dates

Released: 14 June, 2023 # Version 2.2.6


Added button to quickly copy a persons info in the People list view when hovering over the name column

Added month total popup info in the Timesheet view


Improved task loading when checking logged time in the Timesheet view


Fixed calendar event dialog not consenting future dates

Fixed dragging a task on the calendar - it would convert it to a 2 days span in certain cases

Fixed task card not showing the description info in certain cases

Other smaller fixes and improvements

Released: 12 June, 2023 # Version 2.2.5


Added new preference to show either a limited number of task description or all of it in the task card


Fixed calendar not allowing task drag and drop

Fixed task description and comments text area jumping when a command is inserted

Other smaller fixes and improvements

Released: 9 June, 2023 # Version 2.2.4


Added drag handle in the project automations to reorder them


Fixed project filters not saving/restoring custom filters

Fixed project filter title change triggering a full reload of the project

Other minor fixes and improvements

Released: 8 June, 2023 # Version 2.2.3


Added project filter for tasks assigned to nobody


Filters will be kept when switching projects


Comments will no longer let the user send a comment without selecting a person from the bottom right corner

Improved Time view and Task details time logs

Improved quick time log popup - task would show immediately


Fixed list view grouped by due date and overdue tasks

Other smaller fixes and improvements

Released: 6 June, 2023 # Version 2.2.1


Added new overview widget showing the count of assigned and unassigned tasks

Added reports columns for the count of assigned and unassigned tasks

Added quick time log from the sidebar

Added new person yearly timesheet in people section (still in beta)


Improved board rendering speed


Fixed task card tags picker not working

Released: 31 May, 2023 # Version 2.2.0


Added widgets toggle in the home customise side panel

Added side panel to quickly assign dates to tasks by dragging and dropping them on the calendar

Added task details description full view option

Added global search tasks sub-filters

Added file drop into task card to quickly attach files directly from the board view

Added task card/row context menu to attach files

Added attachments popup in task card/row to quickly view attached files

Added option to automatically switch the task in the task details when moving through tasks on the board view using the keyboard

Added links popup in task card

Added grouping by stacks/column in table view

Added table view grouping change button in project toolbar

Added attachments column in table view

Added button to quickly open the feedback popup directly from the sidebar

Added new Calendar filtering in Preferences - this also not includes the option to exclude completed tasks

Added info popups on certain notepad linked resources

Added notepad link to file

Added notepad info popup showing created and updated dates

Added preference to make the selected task or stack more highlighted


Clicking/opening a task from the board view will also automatically select it

Calendar filtering from the toolbar moved to the Calendar preferences

Moved list view grouping type buttons to the toolbar

Backlogs toolbar button redesign

Selected task and stack in board are using a lighter border color - can be changed in the preferences


Improved global search usability and UI

Notepad images by default (when added) will stretch to fill the max available space

Improved notepad linking to other resources - links will automatically update

Improved feedback window - added checkbox to prevent feedback popup from showing automatically


Fixed task details drag and drop attachments zone being to large

Fixed restoring proper list view grouping when switching projects

Fixed restoring proper table view columns and sorting when switching projects

Fixed notepad image handling - when resizing it will always keep the original aspect ration

Fixed linked comments in notepad not opening

Fixed horizontal rule not working in notepad

Fixed notepad toolbar buttons with text wrapping

Fixed tasks table view not setting dates

Fixed running the `complete` automation on task that reopen from the task details

Released: 14 May, 2023 # Version 2.1.4


Added more missing translations


Recurring task that are marked to be reopened won't trigger the `complete` automation actions


Fixed the `No documents` label in the sidebar

Other smaller fixes and improvements

Released: 11 May, 2023 # Version 2.1.3


Other fixes and improvements


Fixed duplicating a project and porting over automations

Fixed column picker sometimes not showing

Released: 4 May, 2023 # Version 2.1.2


Fixed editing a task description in embedded mode would copy it to another task when clicked

Fixed `Hide scrollbars` not working properly

Fixed other minor issues

Released: 2 May, 2023 # Version 2.1.1


Improved project filters tags and statuses scrolling with a lot of tags

Improved task details date picker - increased max date to +5 years


Fixed fullscreen task details in dark mode

Fixed description icon not showing in the task card's footer

Other under-the-hood improvements and fixes

Released: 30 April, 2023 # Version 2.1.0


Added person tags and statuses

Added option to make task details fullscreen

Added hotkey in task details to quickly add a subtask

Added hotkeys in task details to: toggle fullscreen, change task state, assign a person, set a start and due date, set progress, se priority, change stack, change status and tags, add subtask, log time, change cover image and delete task

Added hotkeys to person and company details to: quickly toggle edit/save, attach logo/avatar, set tags and status and toggle favorite

Added new tags and status manager

Added preferences options to customise the look and feel of the tasks details (show or hide anything)

Added preferences options to open person and company details panel embedded next to the main view

Added subtasks context menu to quickly edit and delete it

Added context menu to update or delete comments


Subtasks was moved out of the task details tabs

Change people filtering to use tags and statuses

Updated database schema to support tags and statuses for people - only for remote workspaces

Changed race condition between running an automation and task recurring actions

Changed project settings modal interface


Improved side panels close icon

Added more key combinations in the hotkeys dialog (open via Ctrl+/ on Windows and Linux and Cmd+/ on macOS)


Fixed board navigation up/down not working some times

Fixed hitting enter on popup menu items and buttons not working

Fixed recurring tasks not showing dates after created

Released: 17 April, 2023 # Version 2.0.6


Added notepad preferences to enable/disable spell checker


Remove subtasks recurring option

Copy task will now copy all subtasks no matter the depth


Improved recurring task reopening

Improved recurring task duplication - now porting over subtasks as well


Fixed task card would not scroll vertically into view when opening task details

Released: 13 April, 2023 # Version 2.0.5


Added alert when the user is trying to complete a task that contains subtasks


Improved subtasks styling - mostly for completed subtask tree

Improved embedded's task styling

Improved scrolling of the board view when a task is opened - it will correctly scroll the board to keep it visible while the embedded task details is open


Fixed quickly adding a subtask from the task card not connecting the child task to parent

Released: 12 April, 2023 # Version 2.0.4


Added quick option to add subtask into a task in Board and List view

Added some missing translations


Improved task card context button

Improved rendering speed of task in a board column


Fixed when clicking on a project with task detail open it would revert back to the previous project

Fixed project not duplicating

Released: 11 April, 2023 # Version 2.0.3


Added automatic scrolling to top when opening a task in task details


Other under the hood improvements


Fixed board drag-and-drop while subtasks are hidden

Fixed moving tasks with subtasks to other projects

Fixed people dialog resetting value when searching for a person

Released: 11 April, 2023 # Version 2.0.2


Added Trello and Asana import option (check docs for more info)


Fixed subtasks counter in task card

Fixed drag and drop of tasks in the Board view somethings not working

Fixed real-time updates for people and companies

Released: 7 April, 2023 # Version 2.0.1


Added new automation for `Do date`

Added option to disable `click outside` to close embedded task details panel

Added date picker shortcuts in task details


Change `Home` layout


Dragging the board or reordering tasks should not close the embedded task details

Improved dates automations now accepting `0` as value (meaning today)


Fixed clicking on popover components that would close the embedded task panel

Fixed tasks not reordering in certain cases

Fixed task description not saving when clicking outside of the embedded task details panel

Released: 5 April, 2023 # Version 2.0.0


Added alert when hitting Escape while adding a new task

Added click outside to close of the embedded task details

Update remote workspace server db schema to support task links


Opening task from search will now switch to the tasks project before opening


Improved Preferences UI


Fixed notepad not updating title

Fixed switching projects breaking keyboard navigation

Fixed dragging board background

Fixed certain columns not dragging

Fixed people workload estimates not being calculated

Various import fixes and improvements

Released: 4 April, 2023 # Version 2.0.0 RC3


Added new preference option to open the task details side-by-side when possible

Added button to log more time from task details time tab

Added button to attachments tab to add more files

Added description in task list view when enabled from task details

Added new Links section in task details

Added Stacks 1 import task links


Removed `Click to select` from Preferences - replaced with `Ctrl+Click` to select a task

Calendar filter includes tasks by default

Task cover image moved from the task details tabs to the tile section manageable from the preferences


Increased dropping area of the empty stack

Subtasks in task card popup now clickable


Fixed bug when editing a stack title - the stack would drag instead of selecting the text

Fixed task details date picker locale

Fixed import with multiple contacts documents

Fixed task not showing `Back to parent task` link when opened from search

Fixed people workload total estimate time not being calculated

Released: 31 March, 2023 # Version 2.0.0 RC2


Added company picker in Project settings

Added task card and row description indicator (needs enable from field selector in project toolbar)

Added hotkey to quickly add and open a task (Ctrl+Enter from the new task title will open it while in task description will save it)

Added hotkey in comment to quickly save it (Ctrl+Enter)

Added archived tasks sorting

Added Greek, Korean and Swedish translations

Added option to quickly add/remove people into a company

Added small warning icon in project toolbar to warn when the project is near its deadline

Added tooltips for tasks state checkbox in table and list view

Added "jump to date" button in the calendar toolbar


Removed filter by project from my tasks - already grouped by projects


Improved date automations (start, due)

Improved archived task details - now it shows a blue tag emphasize the fact that is archived

Improved search result for archived tasks - it will show the project where it was archived

Improved search cache to include recently archived tasks

Improved Gantt to show tasks/projects which only have either start/due dates

Improved preferences task detail section for dark mode

Improved project settings start/end date pickers

Improved board view draggability

Improved subtasks helper label - click opens the subtask while ctrl+click edits inline


Fixed project filters date locale

Fixed hotkeys not working in People and Companies

Fixed default stack from project settings not being used correctly

Fixed updating the subtask title will reflect when switching back to parent task

Fixed my tasks in Home sometimes not working well

Fixed search not opening bookmark type results

Fixed Stacks 1 import for tasks with widgets (checklists, locations, etc) without content

Fixed date locale not switching to the correct on in Preferences

Released: 28 March, 2023 # Version 2.0.0 RC1


Added multiple new translations


Improved task card and row when overdue, done or due today

Improved table view in dark mode


Fixed calendar issues

Various under-the-hood improvements

Business, Utilities
Requires macOs, Windows
Rating 5 ( ratings)
Price: 49.00