Our mission

Make productivity fun

Stacks helps create and inspire improvement in the workplace. We do this by giving you the right tools for every necesity and help you complete any challange you may come across.

At Stacks, we understand the importance of staying organized, communicating effectively, and getting things done.
Stay on top of your game

Staying organized is essential for effective project management.

Achieving success through action.

Success in any project or endeavor requires action to reach your targets.

Streamline your workflow.

Effective project management requires a balance between organization, communication and task management.

Communicating efficiently.

Effective communication is a crucial part of any successful team collaboration to reach the same goals.

Our Mission and Vision Stacks provides an all-in-one work and project management toolset that is both secure and privacy-focused to keep your data safe by storing it locally or on your own self-hosted server.
Focus & Efficiency

Empowering users and enhancing their productivity with efficient tools.

Revolutionizing work

To revolutionize the way professionals work and manage their projects.

Efficient and secure solution

To give users full control over their data and respect their privacy.

Our Core ValuesThese four core values represent the foundation of Stacks, and guide its development and design.
Security and Privacy

Protection First: Your data, your control.


Efficiency at its finest: Streamline your workflow.


Pushing boundaries: Creating new possibilities.


Dependable and Trustworthy: Count on us.

Business, Utilities
Requires macOs, Windows
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Price: 49.00